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Aug 22

11 questions! I GOT TAGGED TWICE!

First tag

Got tagged by dinolich Go follow her guise she’s crazy balls

1) What’s your dream cosplay, no matter how ridiculous?

Probs a kaiju like knifehead man

2) What was the last book you read and would you recommend it?

Good Omens - Neil Gaiman and yep it’s pretty stellar

"What’s a pirates favorite letter of the alphabet?"


" Aye You’d think it’d be RRRrrrr but a pirates true love be the C."

4) If you could have any exotic animal as a pet, what would it be?

Tasmanian Tiger. Didn’t say it have to be alive still.

5) What fictional character do you resemble/identify with the most? If physical appearance and personality don’t match up, what’s one for each?

Tinker Bell fur sure all the way.

6) Who’s your favorite Katamari Cousin


7) Go-to karaoke song

One Week - BarenNaked Ladies cause you just have to know all the words that way noone cares if you can sing well

8) What are you gonna be for halloween this year? If you don’t know, what were you last year?

Anna from Frozen

9) What’s your ideal Sunday

Sleeping in and then a great big breakfast. Then going adventuring!

10) If you could beat up a superhero who would it be


11) Favorite candy???? I don’t know I’m out of questions

Bueno Bar <3

Second Tag

Got tagged by thisisbennett maybe you should follows this dweebus too XD

1) If you could send a single sentence back in time to your 14 year old self, what would it be?

"Don’t fight people so much over little things"

2) If you could have a really useless super power like smelling like chocolate or farting the inception horn noise, what would it be?

Be able to cover things in glitter

3) If you woke up tomorrow and woke up in a hospital in the 1950s, same age, same appearance, all your previous memories and skills, what kind of life would you try and establish in this new timeline?

I would get married and become a femistic 50’s housewife XD and go to Disneyland opening day

4) If you could be internationally famous for achieving one thing, what would you want to be recognized for?

IDK knowing a lot about Disneyland. becoming a Disney legend

5) what is your ideal wardrobe - unlimited budget and even a team of tailors/seamstresses to aid you in creating the look if need be.

Steampunk everything

6) what video game has had the biggest impact on your life?

Kingdom Hearts prolly or Pacman

7) your favorite director has contacted you saying they want to make a movie with you: who is it and what will your film be about?

Guerrmo Del Torro. Haunted Mansion remake

8) if you could turn into a dinosaur on full moons would you accept this curse and what dinosaur would you wanna be?

sure why not. Pterodactyl 

9) for two weeks you are granted a bevy of super powers: flight, teleportation, invulnerability, telekinesis, telepathy, super speed, super strength, and all dogs and cats immediately trust and like you.  what do you do with your 2 weeks?

Safe the world

10) you can force your friends to do whatever group cosplay you want and it will look good. who is in your group and what are you all dressed up as?

This is hard man… group cosplays are hard! Imma go with the muppets and I want to be swedish chef. Idk what others people would be

11) you get to moderate a panel of your choice with up to 6 guests at comic con. what is your panel about and who is in it?

Benedict, Martin Freeman, Gabe Newell, Guerrmo Del Torro, David Tennant, Lee Pace and it’s about what we are going to do next for Carly’s viewing/ Gaming pleasure.


1.) if you could go to the future or to the past, only one, which would you choose and where and when?

2.) 1st and  2nd Favorite Disneyland ride?

3.) Weirdest thing you ever ate and was it good?

4.) Do you believe in ghosts?

5.)Favorite cartoon tv show currently? (animes count)

6.) Favorite Back to The future quote?

7.)Favorite breakfast food item?

8.)Favorite gif to use on tumblr?

9.) If you knew you were dying tomorrow at 11:59 pm what was the first thing you would do?

10.) Favorite cult classic movie?

11.) Favorite Robin William’s movie?

11 questions is really hard!!!! Now I tag

both dinolich and thisisbennett but they don’t have to make 11 new questions

 and I tag crowleysdelicateass youpeedyourselfdean colindashots itsadani henryrollinsdontdance go go go !

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